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The Matt Hocker Show

Podchaser - The Matt Hocker Show

Apr 5, 2018

Well here's the diddlio doo-roo. There's some crumbling walls that can no longer stand. There are stars siphoning the light from all that surround them so that they may be forever bright themselves. Somewhere, right now, a bird is perched upon a branch made of cobbled armor of old wars that never happened.  

But right now, there's this episode. Today's episode has TWO special guests. IN THE LEFT CORNER we have Kari of Blazing Caribou Studios who also manages the discussion group The Herd

IN THIS OTHER CORNER THAT IS THE ASSUMED OTHER LEFT CORNER we have Richard, host of Best in the World with Richard Parr.

Spectacular folks, folks. Absolutely spectacular. SPECTACU

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