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The Matt Hocker Show

Podchaser - The Matt Hocker Show

Oct 26, 2017

Matt farts with his fingers and dissects the tao of Garfield with Daniel, host of Opinioneering. Once he gets that out of the way, a new field of vision opens and Matt reflects on the past, twisting and turning through historic lectures to see what crafted him into the man he is today. Also he talks into a microphone...

Oct 16, 2017

In the quiet hours, Matt closes his old friend, Mr. Book, and deciphers the archaic works of a holographic past buried deep beneath our pasts.

He also exchanges passionate language and word concepts with Rhett Hall, host of the Braintrust Bros....

Oct 15, 2017

After surveying the far jungles of X'lecbechtch, Matt discovers listener topic suggestions and dives into their proverbial stash of dreams to discern just what is the greatest subject of all time.
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Oct 3, 2017

Ryan returns to challenge Mr. Darcy for Clara's hand in marriage. Matthew discovers a haunting secret in his boudoir. Realizing time is short, he fetches his thinking sweater to conquer the threats that lay before them.
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